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In 2020, BPH purchased its first property at 250 E. 11th Street in Southport.  Designed to include four apartments, along with a family activity area, playground and garden. Building renovations will begin soon. See the floor plan and building rendering below.

We Need You 
We need you and community support to make this critical need a reality. BPH is seeking donations and gifts-in-kind for construction, furnishings, operational expenses, volunteer time and talent and more. Please consider how you would like to participate. Simply click the Donate button to learn more.  


250 E. 11th Street


How We Got Here

Zoning was a major step in the 11th Street property purchase. At the time of the purchase offer, there was no zoning option for transitional housing. Over several months, appropriate zoning was developed and subsequently approved by the Planning Board and the Board of Aldermen.  

The final step was for BPH to apply for new zoning for this specific property. It required a public hearing and approval by the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. It was a six-month process. In that time, BPH searched for a bank that would approve a loan. First National Bank stepped up and worked with BPH on the approval process. With the help of the Southport branch manager, Libby Featherston, and the support of the Southport Oak Island Interchurch Fellowship, who agreed to be co-guarantor of the loan, BPH purchased the property in October 2020.

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