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Brunswick Partnership for Housing Receives Grants and Gifts

The Brunswick Partnership for Housing (BPH) capital campaign is underway. With a $600,000 goal over the next two years, it has raised more than $145,000 in grants and gifts.

BPH was awarded a North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church Seed Fund grant of nearly $10,000 for 2021 to develop volunteer training and recruitment materials. “Volunteers are critical to the success of our mission, said Executive Director Sally Learned. “This funding enables us to equip volunteers with training and tools to effectively minister to the needs of homeless families.”

In addition, BPH is actively moving forward with renovations on its newly purchased building at 250 E. 11th Street in Southport. It received a $25,000 grant from the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund to be used for building renovations. Civic and community groups are actively contributing to BPH efforts. For example, the Southport Lions Club gave $750 for general use. The Southport Rotary Club generously donated $2,500 for interior paint. Said Rotary member Karen Collins, “We chose this area of focus because it supports our beliefs. The facility will help not only families now, but in the years to come.”

“The progress we’re able to make toward converting this building into four apartments is because of important donations and grants like these from the community at large, local churches and organizations dedicated to supporting families in need of permanent housing,” said Learned.

For more details and information about BPH and to make a tax-deductible contribution, visit the BPH website at

Established in 2019, Brunswick Partnership for Housing is the only nonprofit organization in Brunswick County addressing the need for transitional housing for homeless families and advocating for affordable housing. BPH seeks to provide a stable living environment for those seeking a permanent housing solution.

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